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*Tool>Geometry>Suv setting before dividing the mesh


*if/when you have two uv regions is go to tool > subtool > grp split. and physically split your mesh into two parts (based off of your uv regoins).
your normal map will then be generated correctly.

*The Retopology tool can then be used to build a new mesh on top of an existing form.

*The workflow
a maquette and scan it into ZBrush-->by generating a Ztool using the topology tools, you can recreate the mesh with a uniform polygon density --> major changes to the form using a lower subdivision level--> sculpting the details
*it is important not to work with a high subdivision level too early.
*seams in the normal map can be removed using BodyPaint.

*Maya is limited to 1.5 million polygons.

*Although there are couple of ways to apply normal maps in Max, the Projection modifier using a cage is the best method.
To view a normal map within the viewports apply the rendered normal map to the Bump channel.

*Illuminate Lab’s Turtle, a plug-in for Maya. It can create normal maps by transferring one surface to another.

*use normal maps when it makes sense
. For example, it makes no sense to apply a 512 by 512 normal map to a model that only has 2400 polygons. At this resolution, the normal maps will make no difference in the final render. The key is to find the sweet spot that optimizes the CPU/GPU loading.

* Visible seams
is another tricky spot for normal maps. To see the seams, have a developer write a shader that shows a preview of the normal tangents. This makes it easy to see the seam problems. To fix seams, paint over them with a 127 red brush with the Clone tool in Photoshop. A more aggressive solution is to break down the geometry, flip the normals along the seam and add a weight value. You can also improve the final results by using a 4X anisiotropic filter. It is also important to keep all seams straight in UV space.

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